ryguy93 (ryguy93) wrote,

I can't stand what hanging out with my friends has come to. They smoke weed all of the time now. The idea of them smoking weed doesn't bother me, I don't have a problem with people choosing to do so. It just sucks that I am literally the only person who doesn't smoke and they do it so often.

Tonight i was told we were going to be having one of our family dinners. I was excited because I was having a shitty day and those can always put a smile on my face. That got changed to tea and brownies which is just as good. When I arrived to hangout it became drive you friends to pickup weed and go to a parking lot while you friends all smoke in another car then go to a pizza place you have no desire to be at. This made me so pissed off. I have been doing this routine for a few weeks now and I realized I would rather be home. A text saying this was gonna happen would have been nice cause I would have just stayed home and used my time productively. I just don't get how everyone can complain that every night is the same old shit, then things like this happens. I just hate what my social life is right now.
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