ryguy93 (ryguy93) wrote,

sad story bro

I keep telling myself that I am excited that summer is finally over, but i dont know why. I know im still gonna work like 60 hours a week. Im still gonna beat myself up over the same girl which has been eating away at me for far to long now. I once again am not going to school so I feel like a pretty fucking useles waste of space already. I want to do more fun things with my friends. I want to extend my education past a half assed high school diploma. I want to like a girl that actually likes me back for once. Dissatisfied is the least I can say about my life right now. I want so much but i get so little. All i see on facebook is everyone living life and going out and doing exciting things, finding girls, and going back to school for their sophamore year. I have one semester under my belt and i didnt pass one class. Fuck everything!
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